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Stephen Toft.
Published writer. 

Stephen Toft (born April 14, 1980, Basingstoke, U.K.), homelessness worker and poet. He has published three collections of haiku, tanka, and minimalist poetry. His work has been included in international journals and anthologies that include The Red Moon Anthology, Another Country: Haiku Poetry from Wales, and Haiku 2020. He has won prizes and received mentions in international contests including the Basho-an and The Haiku Calendar Competitions, the Autumn Moon Haiku Contest, the Betty Drevniok Award, the HaikuNow! Award, Seashores Rugby Haiku Contest, and the Mount Fuji Tanka Award. In 2021 he was part of the New Resonance poets and ventured into short story writing with the inclusion of his short story into The MX Book of New Sherlock Homes Stories XXVII. 

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